Easy Cowboy Caviar Recipe

The cowboy caviar is much liked by children and parents as well, Ordinary presented in the summer, with the sprinkle some extra chocolate or whatever you like just do not make sense of the original is lost.

Meals can be served quickly and see picture below cowboy caviar is full of color and so very gracious with the colors.

everydaysouthwest.com's Cowboy Caviar photo by Jim Kelly
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Healthy Mexican Food choices

Mexican food has become very popular in the United States. If you ask majority of Americans at the last time they ate Mexican food, usually it is in the last week. If you go to Mexico, you might not even find the same dish as the dish was invented in America. The problem is that Mexican food in America are not the same as they are in Mexico. Americans has added Super fat and super-sized meals. Authentic Mexican food rich in fresh vegetables, protein, and nutritious vitamins and spices.

You will find tacos, burritos, and quesadillas. Taco Bell comes to mind as a popular food chain that serves Mexican foods. People in Mexico usually do not eat big platters of tortilla chips in their everyday meals. Because of the food sold in the United States, it is not very healthy. It contains high fat, sodium, and calories. It also does not include as many fresh vegetables. The Mexican foods in America are not as rich in nutrients.
Delicious Mexican food in Flagstaff Arizona
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You cannot enjoy the foods served in American restaurants. Most traditional Mexican dishes have less fat and calories. You can add more healthy foods to the dish. Tomatoes are high in vitamins and have lycopene which has cancer-fighting properties. Tomatoes can be added to many Mexican dishes. Beans carry high protein and fiber. Instead of eating the beans refried, try getting them whole. It cuts back on the fat. Corn is another vegetable that is healthy in Mexican foods. It is high in vitamins and contains fiber. Adding these to your Mexican dishes will make them healthier than what you are served at Taco Bell.

You may be wondering whether the people in Mexico eat healthier foods. In America, we have the option to go to a health food store where we can find organic foods and foods are not fattening. The only drawback is that not everyone can afford to buy these foods whenever they grocery shop. In Mexico, healthier choices are available. Each year the health food market in Mexico makes more than $500 million. Consumers form a 5 per cent of the population of Mexico. Their age range is 20 to 50 years. They usually live in the metropolitan area and able to buy healthy foods. If they can not afford it, they still do not get all the fat and calories that we find in American foods, especially fast food. Authentic Mexican foods still carry many vegetables and ingredients that are good for your body, as well as cooked food is a healthy way.

America has fattened up the Mexican dishes making them not a good choice. You are probably wondering again, is Mexican food healthy for me. Authentic Mexican dishes are, because they carry many vitamins and are generally low in fat. If you want to go out to eat, try avoiding the major Mexican food chain restaurants. Find a restaurant that serves authentic dishes. It is healthier and will taste even better knowing you are giving your body good foods.
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About making soup

Form the basis of all good soups; Lean, juicy beef, mutton, and veal,  therefore it is advisable to procure those pieces which afford the richest succulence, and such as are fresh-killed. Fat is not so well adapted for making them and stale meat renders them bad, and  To proportion the several ingredients that the flavour of one shall not predominate over another, is the principal art in composing good rich soup, and that all the articles of which it is composed, shall form an agreeable whole. I think there many way how to make a soup with various ingredients and various flavour ?.

nice soup
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To achieve this, it should be noted that the roots and herbs are well cleaned, and that the water is proportional to the quantity of meat and other ingredients. Generally, one liter of water may be allowed to a pound of meat for soups, gravies and half the quantity for gravies.

In making soups or gravies, gentle stewing or simmering is incomparably the best. It may be remarked, however, that a really good soup can never be made but in a well-closed vessel, although, perhaps, greater wholesomeness is obtained by an occasional exposure to the air.
Vegetarian soup with gime lean meatballs Pictures, Images and Photos
image source : photobucket.com | Vegetarian soup with gime lean meatballs

Soups will, in general, take from three to six hours doing, and are much better prepared the day before they are wanted. When the soup is cold, the fat may be much more easily and completely removed; and when it is poured off, care must be taken not to disturb the settlings at the bottom of the vessel, which are so fine that they will escape through a sieve. A tamis is the best strainer, and if the soup is strained while it is hot, let the tamis or cloth be previously soaked in cold water. Clear soups must be perfectly transparent, and thickened soups about the consistency of cream. To thicken and give body to soups and gravies, potato-mucus, arrow-root, bread-raspings, Isinglass, flour and butter, barley, rice, or oatmeal, in a little water rubbed well together, are used. A piece of boiled beef pounded to a pulp, with a little butter and flour, and rub through a sieve, and gradually incorporated with the soup, will be found an excellent addition.
Mutton Soup Pictures, Images and Photos
image source : photobucket.com | Mutton soup

When the soup appears to be  too thin  or  too weak , the cover of the boiler should be taken off, and the contents allowed to boil till some of the watery parts have evaporated; or some of the thickening materials, above mentioned, should be added. When soups and gravies are kept from day to day in hot weather, they should be warmed up every day, and put into fresh scalded pans or tureens, and placed in a cool cellar. In temperate weather, every other day may be sufficient.

Various herbs and vegetables are required for the purpose of making soups and gravies. Of these the principal are, Scotch barley, pearl barley, wheat flour, oatmeal, bread-raspings, pease, beans, rice, vermicelli, macaroni, isinglass, potato-mucilage, mushroom or mushroom ketchup, champignons, parsnips, carrots, beetroot, turnips, garlic, shalots and onions. Sliced onions, fried with butter and flour till they are browned, and then rubbed through a sieve, are excellent to heighten the colour and flavour of brown soups and sauces, and form the basis of many of the fine relishes furnished by the cook.

The older and drier the onion, the stronger will be its flavour. Leeks, cucumber, or burnet vinegar; celery or celery-seed pounded. The latter, though equally strong, does not impart the delicate sweetness of the fresh vegetable; and when used as a substitute, its flavour should be corrected by the addition of a bit of sugar. Cress-seed, parsley, common thyme, lemon thyme, orange thyme, knotted marjoram, sage, mint, winter savoury, and basil. As fresh green basil is seldom to be procured, and its fine flavour is soon lost, the best way of preserving the extract is by pouring wine on the fresh leaves.

For the seasoning of soups, bay-leaves, tomato, tarragon, chervil, burnet, allspice, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, clove, mace, black and white pepper, essence of anchovy, lemon-peel, and juice, and Seville orange-juice, are all taken.
Beef and Vegetable Soup Pictures, Images and Photos
image source : photobucket.com | Beef and Vegetable Soup

The latter imparts a finer flavour than the lemon, and the acid is much milder. These materials, with wine, mushroom ketchup, Harvey's sauce, tomato sauce, combined in various proportions, are, with other ingredients, manipulated into an almost endless variety of excellent soups and gravies. Soups, which are intended to constitute the principal part of a meal, certainly ought not to be flavoured like sauces, which are only designed to give a relish to some particular dish. (VIA My PLR)

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