Classic Holiday Favorites

No matter how long they have been in place, every family has traditions. They might go caroling in the weeks before Christmas, they might light candles and watch holiday-themed movies, perhaps they bake cookies or other seasonal foods. But no matter the tradition, continuing on with these longstanding events are an important part of annual celebrations. Just as New York City drops a ball in Times Square every New Year, and as TV stations play their same specials during December, they are events we grow to love and expect.

These classics, while a welcome part of the holiday tradition, can also act as a sound springboard for gift giving. Bake cookies and hand them out to neighbors, purchase local favorites, such as fruit cakes or roasted nuts, or just invite others to enjoy the treats with you. The tactic doesn’t so much matter, so long as the favorite traditions are upheld. And as we all know, eating is one of the winter holidays’ favorite traditions.

Another gift-giving classic is the food basket, which can be picked up in virtually any size and taste. Send apple cider and cookies to your aunt with a sweet tooth, send syrup to your cousin with kids, or aged cheddar and crackers to your grandma. The best part about these gifts is that they can cover any receiver – from sweets to savory, to combinations of all kinds.

Oftentimes, these food baskets are a crowd favorite due to their ease of use. The giver simply chooses a package, pays, and the gift is then delivered to the giftee. Specialty foods are generally chosen as well, offering an added bout of excitement for all parties involved.

For the holiday season, no matter what tradition you turn to, keep your spirit in tact by sharing the practices you love most.

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