Making your Kitchen Holiday Friendly

As the winter begins to set in upon us, eaters of all ages will soon be swarming into their respective kitchens. Grandmothers will invite over their families for holiday meals, college students will cook their pre-packaged dinners before final tests, and industrial-sized kitchens will start cooking up large meals for the masses. But no matter the purpose (or the size) of a kitchen, there’s no denying that holidays change the way we cook. From turkeys to figgy pudding, the heart of the home will soon be seeing a boost in its hours of operation.

But don’t just let your kitchen be the site of seasonal cooking; update its seasonal cheer as well. To help get your kitchen (and yourself) in the winter-y mood, there are a few simple steps to update holiday décor.

Start with your dishes or serving utensils – do you have holiday versions? If so, put them on display for good measure. Use plate racks, utensil bowls, or just glass shelves to help accentuate the holiday theme. Next, look at napkins, place settings, and tablecloths. If you already have a seasonal favorite, great. If not, head to the store and pick one up. Choose a cheap option and line with ribbon or contrasting place mats, or spend a little extra on one you can keep for years to come.

Next, look at more permanent fixtures, such as curtains and appliances. While these items certainly can’t be replaced with a holiday model, they can be upgraded with a few budget-friendly items. Spray fake snow on any windows or appliance doors (microwave, toaster oven, etc. – but be sure to reach before placing on an oven), hang tinsel or ornaments from window hooks, and place personalized or favorite items on sills.

Combine these items with excitement and a cinnamon or peppermint-scented candle and you’re well on your way to owning a holiday-friendly kitchen. Simply prep and enjoy.

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Guest post by Bethaney Wallace

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Growing Trend: Meal Planning

At the end of a busy day, many find themselves too overwhelmed to sit down and plan dinner. Whether it was a full day of work, running errands and tasks, or studying, there simply aren’t enough hours to fit everything in – including rest. To help even stress levels out, a growing number of people are planning their meals in advance. Whether they cook one day a week, set up slow cooker meals, or use leftovers in clever (yet still delicious) combinations, the practice is on the rise.

When considering all of the benefits, however, it’s no surprise why. No prep or cooking on weeknights – or whatever nights you choose to cash in on these pre-planned benefits. Meals are healthier and tastier than boxed or take out alternatives, and this upfront planning can significantly lower grocery bills.

Before considering a meal-planning tactic, check out this overview and decide which method will best work for your schedule.

Slow Cooker Meals

By no means are these “quick,” but the good news is no presence is needed while the cooking process takes place. Prepping a month of meals generally takes an afternoon or two, and then gallon bags of meats, veggies, sauces, and more, can easily be placed into a slow cooker before you head to work. All you have to do is come home to a delicious-smelling meal that took almost no time to prepare. Pair with a salad or side of veggies and you’re set.

Sunday is for Cooking

This method, which takes place on a single afternoon (generally Sunday, although that’s not a requirement), calls for bulk cooking. Meat, veggies, and sides are all prepared within a few hours and then dispersed for the rest of the week. Mixing, matching, and reheating are all that’s needed each evening to enjoy a delicious and nutritious meal.

Calendar Books

Next, by purchasing a shopping guide, all your groceries can be picked up in a single day. These books also come with easy and quick recipes, as well as blank spots to fill in your own favorites. This method calls for quick cookers, but can greatly organize one’s life and grocery shopping habits.

No matter how you choose to prepare dinners, there’s plenty of options available to you through these simple proven options. Just decide which one works best for your schedule and get to work enjoying tasty and time-friendly meals.

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