Pelecing chicken easy meal ideas for dinner

If we've tried various recipes for chicken, this recipe may be that one should be tried in addition we can easily to cooking and easy meal ideas for dinner or breakfast or what you want, this is the typical food of Indonesia namely at NTB (Lombok), his name is unfamiliar to us who may not of come from there.

pelecing cook chicken lombok

Pelecing Chicken is a dish typical of Lombok. Made this chicken dish has a spicy and sour taste. cooking spice is not too much just a few herbs that should be provided and may not be difficult to get it. Curious about the taste? try Pelecing Chicken Recipe for 1 chicken following.

Pelecing Chicken Ingredients:
* Chicken young medium, a chicken
* Cooking oil, 4 tablespoons
* Lime, 3 pieces

Subtle seasoning:

* Garlic, 4 cloves
* Chili Red, 9 pieces
* Chili pepper, 5-10 fruit
* Paste cooked, 1 / 2 teaspoon
* Salt, to taste
* Sugar, to taste

How to make Chicken Pelecing:

* Clean the chicken, sides of the chest and remove the stomach fill if it still exists.
* Spread the chicken body (form bekakak), with a bamboo skewer.
* Bake the chicken over hot coals / charcoal until cooked. Remove from heat.
* Mix the ground spices, cooking oil and 3 fruit juice lemon juice and stir well.
* Brush the chicken with spice smooth mixture until blended. Roast chicken with a smeared back to dry herbs and pervasive. Remove and serve warm Pelecing Chicken.

Pelecing Chicken Recipes Tips :

* For faster soft chicken, coat chicken with grated pineapple and let stand several minutes before chicken is processed.
* If the flavor is too thick, add enough water to allow the flavors easily applied to the surface of the chicken.
* To be more delicious, serve pelecing lemon chicken with lemon juice.

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Mie suah luffa soup Breakfast meal ideas

Perhaps there are among us who feel unfamiliar with this name, but this is a breakfast meal ideas menu that are good, especially for Asian people, because the menu is a recipes from asia.

We make this food to a litle different. Looks like this we can do easily and with recipes that are not so difficult even to cook does not need special skills.
The luffa, or lufah (from Arabic لوف) is grown, harvested before maturity, and Eaten as a vegetable Pls the fruit is young and the sponge has yet to Become tough, popular in Asia. I love to perpare it as breakfast.
breakfast meal ideas luffa
serving 4 person
you need this recipes.
1/3 box of mee suah
1 young Luffa, skinned, cut the meat into small triangle shape

In a chopper, chop together all in greadients listed below, sauteed with 1 tbsp cooking oil:
1 garlic
2 shallots
20 g dried prawn, soak in hot water for 30 minutes, rinse with cold water, set aside.
1/2 tsp salt
750 ml water
fried shallots (option) for garnish.

Method :
1. boil the water, add in the sauteed ingredients, let it boil for 5 minutes
2. add in cut luffa
3. add in mee suah, stir till the soup start boilling again, garnish with fried shallots if you like it and serve hot.

reference[Gourmet journey]

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Quick meal ideas for dinner with omelet

If you are alone or being with family, and you need a quick meal ideas for dinner. Build something in the kitchen with easy and fast and then just watch some exciting thriller. Of all the above mentioned we can make two conclusions: sometimes we just want to not spend valuable time to cooking.

here I want to give one quick and easy meal ideas for dinner. Almost superficial.

omelet beef milk vegetables dinner

Eggs. 2-3 pcs.
Yellow cheese - a piece of the middle
Salt, pepper.
Sausage 1-2 pc.

Vegetables: Tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, scallions, pepper Bulgaria (preferably yellow or red). Lettuce. Olives (black or green)
You say that it is stale. Not at all. The entire book is devoted to an omelet. Of course, it is very easy.
Stop! We want fast, but not so much!
So. For one serving:

Break 2 eggs in a bowl. Add salt and milk. Defeat all of this with a rim.

Pan fried at a time that is heated with oil droplets (do not overdo it with the fat, if this dish comes in your throat.) If you eat pork, you can cut (not too small) diced small bits of meat and throw them into a hot pan .

Remove the cracklings. You can only hide in the side, or you can throw them into the beaten eggs. Check that the pot has a minimum level of fat (we want healthy food). Now you can cut a piece of sausage in a skillet. We cut the cylinder of 1 - 1.5 cm and scare along with three sides. When toasting sausages, rest like a flower and look very impressive.
Cracklings and fat will give you an omelet unique flavor and color. Sausage and bacon can easily be removed from the recipe. Sausage may be substituted for beef stew. This omelet is quite unique with meat, especially beef.

Cheese. Plain yellow cheese. Cut a thin rope. Throw it all in the egg with milk. Stir. Then pour the entire mixture in the empty pot with sausage. Cover with a lid.

When one side gains gold "toasted" appearance, turn the omelet. Lid can be removed. After milking the second side, you have to take out the omelet.

Put scrambled eggs directly on the cut vegetables. Add a few olives or canned peas. Quck idea for one night is ready!

Time to cook: 15-20 minutes.

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Spicy Tuna Bruschetta With Paprika & Cheese

This time the quick meal ideas I will be sharing how to make Bruschetta, the recipes actually used the tuna meat, but if we are home only have chicken, it can be used so it can cook more quickly, fast meal ideas with chicken to make Bruschetta.

Spicy Tuna Bruschetta With Paprika & Cheese

Bruschetta .... often found in restaurant-pizza and pasta restaurant with a variety of forms.
Can we serve at breakfast. This is often sought fast meal ideas to make breakfast & use a French Baguette bread for breakfast plus the warm coffee .... hmmm ....
Serve for a husband when asked for bread for breakfast before leaving to the office. Remove the oven and start baking.

You also had to make "Orange Guava with Stawberry yoghurt" during the baking process:)

Spicy Tuna Bruschetta With Paprika & Cheese Recipes.

~ 1 Baguette French bread or its kind
~ Tuna spicy canned or tuna chopped who have been in stir-fry first.
~ Green Papika ---- cut into the box, remove the seeds.
~ Red peppers ---- cut into the box, remove the seeds.
~ Mozzarella Cheese ----, shredded for topping
~ Cheddar cheese ---- , Shredded for topping.
~ 1 piece Garlic ----.chopped
~ Salt.
~ Pepper.
~ Bottled chili sauce, complementary

roti untuk bruschetta

How to Make:
~ Cut the bread into 2 parts, then cut each half lengthwise.
~ Saute: chopped garlic with EVOO, shortly after the garlic fragrant, add canned tuna, green & red peppers ---- stir, add a little salt & pepper to taste.
~ Take 1 portion of bread, rub tuna & stir paprika on top, sprinkle with grated cheddar & mozzarella cheese.
~ Bake 15-20 minutes in the oven, raise ---- serve with bottled chili sauce in a serving dish.

~ When using canned tuna before added the salt & pepper, stir in tuna flavor first, because the flavor of each brand is different.
~ When using regular tuna meat, tuna can be fried in advance, not too crisp because tuna tend to be tough if fried too long. after that tuna can be roughly chopped, or as desired.
~ Meat tuna can be replaced with beef, chicken, shrimp, mushrooms, corn, selected according to the desire & the fridge:)
~ Stawberry yogurt with orange Guava: guava meat + lemon + honey + stawberry yogurt _ ---- ice in blender.
~ Enjoy:)

Bruschetta With Paprika & Cheese
reference[On The Palm Of HIS Hand ]

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Cook the sauce Bawal fish recipe

Lots of meal ideas for eating we can see it from friends or from the magazine and whatever it is, and here I share about Cooking Bawal fish sauce recipe. everything seems a little easier.

This recipe from Journey of Faith thanks for this recipe and This is the first dish That She cooked for her hubby since She marriage. It is one of his favorite dishes. Though I Knew the basics of 'cook sauce' from observation of her granny's cooking and her mum's, and A Few times She tried it with chicken, Actually I never cooked this particular dish (cooking Bawal fish with  sauce). So, She was really nervous of the results. It turned out well and everyone loved it. Hope you can enjoy it too.

Recipe cook the sauce bawal

The Ingredients

Material A

Bawal fish medium size  - two tails
Salt and tamarind to wash
Turmeric powder - 1 tea blade
Salt - 1 tea blade
Oil for frying fish

Material B (stir)

Garlic - 5 review (tapped)
Cumin - 1 / 4 blade tea
Fruit fighter - 3 seeds
Cinnamon bark - 1

Material C (ranging smooth)

Large onion - 2 review

Chile's dry (boiled) - 6 stalks
Tomato sauce - 2 large blades
Kicap sweet - 1 cup

Material D

Living Chilean red - 3 stalks (halved)
Large onion - 1 seed (Trimmed round)
Fresh Tomato - 2 seeds (Trimmed four)


1. Clean the pomfret fish. To do so, the day the fish, then mixed with salt and tamarind before rinsing clean.
2. Mix the fish with salt and turmeric and fry until crisp and lift, pull over.
3. Cut the fish frying oil in a saucepan just until there were enough for sauteing (some in 3 tablespoons), then enter the material B. Saute until fragrant.
4. Pour C. Stir slightly until warm.
5. Pour D. Cook until the tomatoes and onions are soft and tender.
6. Enter pomfret fish before, and mix well. Reduce the heat slightly, let boil 2 minutes. Turn off heat. Let it be friendly with, in 10 minutes. Ready to serve.
Reference [Journey of Faith]

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Chinese food meal ideas

It seems we are confused to our food menu and its menu will be bored if the food like ussualy. How if we searching the place for meals ideas, for example, a search that we can do at home is to open the internet and use search engine, we can find some places and meals ideas for our with easy.

we can see where we are to occasionally think about meal ideas for your lunch.
it may be useful if we try foods from other countries such as meal ideas for chinese. There are some chinese food commonly served at lunch or whatever we despise.

Speaking of eating, I am most like a typical chinese food. I created this blog because I happened to be hungry and to remember my favorite foods. Besides eating my hobby, I also have a favorite food to eat-that makes drool when discussing it.
The following is the typical chinese food.

Chinese food
Fried rice chinese food.

chinese fried rice food  

chinese fried rice delicious

usually for the first dish is fried rice in sight,
This is an appetizer.

Cap cay

meal ideas chinese food

capcay chinese food
This is the second dish, eat better
with fried rice and koloke. Cap cay is called Tamie cap cay, cay unique stamp of favorites.


chinese food koloke campur

meal deal chinese koloke

koloke chinese food
This is a pair of the cap cay, his name koloke. flour the chicken with a thick sauce that makes drool.
reference : [Chinese food & Japanese food ]

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