Five Freeze Dried Foods That You Will Love

There are a few different reasons as to why someone may feel they need to get some dried freeze foods, and anything from camping to emergency preparedness supplies could be the cause for one's interest in the foods. Although there is a wide variety of dried freeze food available on the market right now, it was not like that when these foods first started to pop up. There are now a number of different flavors and styles that you can pick from before you head out on your next camping trip, and all of them come with their own added benefits. Whether you are more interested in taste or nutrition, these five freeze dried foods should be able to keep you satisfied.
Freeze Dried Foods

Mountain House's Chicken Teriyaki with Rice

This is one item that will be able to stand the true test of time, and you will never run into a situation where this item passes some kind of expiration date. It is ridiculously easy to prepare, and most people who have tried it say it tastes fine. If you are someone who needs to eat something that tastes good, then you should look into some of the different dried freeze food items from Mountain House.

Datrex Emergency Water Packet

One of the emergency items that often gets overlooked is water. Although you were probably expecting to find nothing but food on this list, the importance of water can never be overstated. Even if you are just putting together some kind of emergency kit for the home, you should always include some packets of purified water.

Datrex 3600 Emergency Food Bar

These bars are basically the definition of a survivalist food item. This is what most people think about when they hear someone say freeze dried foods, and these food bars are actually quite delicious. Some people have mentioned the coconut flavor that goes along with these bars, while others have stated that they taste like cookies.

Mountain House Classic Assortment Bucket

This assortment bucket is a wonderful option if you need some variety in your pantry. The best selling items from Mountain House are included in this bucket, and you can expect them to last at least 25 years if you follow the included instructions.

Chef's Banquet ARK 1 Month Food Storage Supply

This survivalist food packages comes with 330 services, so it should be able to take care of a small group of people for around a month's time. Anything from oatmeal to potato soup can be found in this packaged deal.

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Five food myths you should never believe

There are number of food myths floating around everywhere like UFOs. You might have heard about them but might not be sure about the truth and facts. Here are five food myths that you should never believe:
food myths

1. Chocolate causes acne: Most common myth among teenagers. Most of the college going teens believe that taking chocolate causes acne. But in reality there is no link between acne and chocolate. Pimples are caused by hormonal changes, overactive oil glands, genetic make-up and dead skin cells stopping pores, not because of eating chocolate. According to skin experts acne is not caused by consuming any specific food including potato chips, soda, candy and French fries.
2. Eggs are not good for heart: A recent study revealed that eating an egg daily is good for health. But there is a myth which states that eggs are bad for heart as they contain cholesterol in yolks. But 211 milligrams of cholesterol in a large egg is advisable to have a good health. Taking negligible amount of cholesterol doesn’t affect your heart at all. Consuming an egg a day reduces macular degeneration because of carotenoid content. One full egg contains nine essential amino acids and six grams of proteins.
3. Adding salt to water cooks faster and changes boiling point: This food myth has been passed from generation. Adding salt to water actually reduces the boiling point but most people use salt to change the boiling point. But addling salt may not affect the cooking patter but alters the boiling point. Use salt to increase pasta or chips taste.
4. Don’t drink water in between your meals: To mix food with digestive juices water is compulsory. Drink small glass of water for proper digestion. Remember to take at least six litters of water a day to stay healthy. Taking water in between meals may reduce your appetite apart from this there is no scientific evidence that having water is not good for digestion.
5. Papaya is not good during pregnancy: Ripe papaya filled with full of vitamins and minerals is good for health, mainly to pregnant woman. You can add a cup of papaya in your daily diet to increase your health, but consult doctor before adding it to your diet chart. Papaya that is unripe may contain latex which is not good for health. It may cause indigestion and uterine contraction. Take only ripe papaya for better results.
Even you can hire a personal trainer to take care your health and fitness. Personal trainer suggests you to take healthy food and bursts food myths. If you fall short of money in hiring a personal trainer, you can apply for same day loans as they are cheap and instant to meet your financial needs.

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Top Five Insect Delicacies From Around the World

Exotic or just plain gross? That is the question that begs an answer when considering five popular insect delicacies consumed by people across the globe. Though most Americans would consider an infestation of pests like spiders and cockroaches worthy of a call to the exterminator, others around the world simply call the cook.
insect foods


When diners in the Oaxaca region of Mexico order chapulines, they expect a plate of grasshoppers with their meal. A number of traditional Mexican ingredients including chiles, tortillas and lime come together to make this dish. In China and other parts of Southeast Asia, grasshoppers are regularly fried and served as a crunchy, salty snack.


Madagascar hissing cockroaches are one of the largest species of cockroach in the world. Apparently, they are also a snack with a crunchy outside and sweet and creamy inside. The cockroaches are injected with flavorings such as honey or soy sauce before they are fried and served.


While most people would immediately call an exterminator like Northern Virginia pest control” upon seeing a large spider in their home, the people of Cambodia consider fried tarantulas a delicacy. Frying the somewhat furry yet edible spiders in oil maintains a crunchy shell that, much like the cockroaches, gives way to an utterly gooey inside. They are best served with dips flavored with lime juice and black pepper.

Pupae & Larvae

The people of South Korea love to snack on Beondegi, or silkworm pupae. Like most other insect delicacies, the pupae are enjoyed fried. The cocoons are also delicious steamed and boiled into a stew. This snack is so popular that it is sold in cans as well as regularly served in bars and restaurants.

Another popular bar snack, this one enjoyed primarily by the people of China, are bee larvae. Deep fried and seasoned with salt, pepper and other spices, bee larvae are eaten similar to popcorn. They also lend themselves to a sweet snack when prepared in soy sauce and sugar.


These immature beetles are staples of the Australian Aboriginal diet. They are most often eaten raw - sometimes while alive - or very lightly roasted. Grubs reportedly have a nutty, creamy taste.

Though consuming insects in America is done more for the shock value than for true culinary enjoyment, a number of people across the world snack on these delicacies to meet their nutritional needs. Full of protein and nutrients, insects can sometimes be more than just pests.

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Madyson Grant enjoys traveling and trying new recipes from different cultures. She is currently blogging about the good the bad and the ugly when it comes to insects.

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Comforting Meals for a Cozy Winter Night

Soup meal

Simmered Soup Meal

Everyone enjoys a warm meal during cold winter weather. A nutritious hot bowl of soup is easy to prepare for a cozy winter night at home. Many soup recipes can be simmered for hours in a slow cooker. Vegetable, barley and beef soup uses a delicious assortment of carrots, potatoes, onions, peas, celery, tomatoes, and barley combined with slow cooked beef. You can add homemade whole wheat bread served with peach preserves for a complete meal.

Recipes Using Beans

A spicy bowl of chili is quick to make with a combination of cooked ground beef, chili powder, chopped tomatoes, red beans, onions, and pasta simmered in tomato juice. This meal tastes great with cheese slices and crackers on the side. White beans cooked with Italian sausage and chopped leeks will create a thick aromatic soup for a winter evening. Bean soup is fantastic with corn bread slathered with creamy honey butter.

Delicious Chicken Recipes

Prepare homemade comforting chicken and noodles by simmering the meat for several hours before adding parsley and egg noodles. Serve with whipped potatoes and steamed green beans. Chicken casseroles come out of the oven steamy hot and ready to eat. Stir boneless chopped cooked chicken with boiled white rice and green peas. Place the ingredients in a beautiful casserole dish. Sprinkle a generous amount of grated cheese over the mixture, and place in the oven. Serve when the cheese has melted.

Hearty Beef Meal

Beef stew is easily prepared in a slow cooker with chunks of meat, potatoes, onions, carrots, celery and brown gravy. Place the beef chunks in the slow cooker to simmer for several hours. When the meat is tender, add the chopped vegetables and seasonings. Prepare brown gravy using the meat drippings, flour and liquid. When the vegetables are thoroughly cooked, add the brown gravy to the dish. This one dish meal pairs nicely with homemade rolls.

Quick Egg Recipe

For a quick meal on a cozy winter night, whip the contents of several eggs to prepare an omelet. Place chopped garlic, peppers, mushrooms, Mozzarella Cheese onions and olives in a skillet with melted butter. Pour the egg mixture over the sautéed vegetables. As the egg mixture cooks, push the uncooked portion toward the edges. When the omelet is thoroughly cooked, add grated cheese. Gently fold the omelet in the middle with a spatula. Slide the delicious hot omelet on a serving plate. Serve with fresh buttered toast on the side.

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