Freeze Dried Foods That Taste Like Real Food

If you’re looking for an easy, convenient way to store a large amount of food in a small area, emergency freeze-dried food is one of the best options available today. Unlike traditionally survival foods, the freeze-dried process allows easy hydration. Just pour water over the food, allow it to sit for a few minutes and it’s ready to eat or use in your favorite food storage recipes.

The freeze-dried process doesn’t cause food to lose its flavor or take on a funny taste as other dried foods do. Freeze-dried blueberries or green and red sweet pepper flakes will plump up and taste exactly like real blueberries and bell peppers do. You won’t be able to tell the difference. That makes single-serving or two-serving pouches of stew, pasta or scrambled eggs a great alternative for camping or hunting trips as well as food storage items such as milk or fruit.

freeze dried foods

Freeze-dried meals begin with fresh ingredients that are prepared into each specific meal before drying. Fresh ingredients or prepared meals are then flash frozen. The process uses lower heat than traditional drying methods and a special freezing process that allows the emergency freeze-dried food to retain its original taste. These foods taste exactly like you had fixed them at home yourself because they have been. That holds true for sugar and shredded cheese as well as for soups and stews.

Other types of dried meals don’t prepare the meal ahead of time. They take dried ingredients purchased from a wide variety of companies and then package them all together. Traditional drying practices use high heat that affects a food’s color, texture, flavor and nutrients. In addition, standard dried foods also require you to simmer the food in boiling water for several minutes in order to hydrate it. That can be problematic if fuel is an issue and will affect the taste and nutrients of the finished dish.

Freeze-drying locks in the freshness of the food. These foods retain the vibrant color, texture, shape and smell of the original frozen product. That makes emergency food a viable option for short-term storage to protect your family against temporary financial setbacks as well as your long-term goals. When dealing with situations such as unemployment or a strained budget, you can feel confident that your family will continue to be well fed when you depend on tasty, freeze-dried foods to meet your short or long-term needs.

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