Tasty Camping Recipes that Are Super Easy to Make

Camping is the perfect time for easy no-cook and grilled meals for the family. The simplest options are best when spending time in the outdoors. Luckily, there are dozens of recipes that can be make with minimal fuss to satisfy your hunger after a busy day in the wilderness.

Tasty Camping Recipes

Be Prepared

Your food supplies will be important while camping because you may not want to take a break from your vacation to run to the nearest store, which can be many miles away. Bring along ready-to-eat snacks that you have prepared at home in addition to your standard cooking supplies. A good knife is a necessity if you plan on eating freshly caught fish. You can look for an authorized Benchmade knife dealer to find a knife that will fit your camping needs perfectly. Don't forget the pans and ingredients such as oil, salt, pepper, cornmeal, fruits and vegetables, and plenty of ice.

Prep Ahead Snacks

Snacks are the simplest types of foods to make while camping if you bring along a few necessary ingredients. For example, you can spice up plain oyster style crackers with dried ranch dressing powder, dill, and garlic. Simply mix the spices and dressing mix according to your tastes while baking the crackers with one-fourth a cup of oil. After baking the crackers to a golden brown, toss them into the seasoning mix for a simple snack.

Fresh Fish

Fresh fish can be fried or baked, whichever option suits your personal tastes best. Baked fish can be wrapped in tin foil with your choice of vegetables, herbs, and salt and pepper and then thrown on red hot coals until it is fork tender for the simplest dish possible.

For a fish fry, use fresh lemon juice and coat each piece of fish in seasoned cornmeal, then fry as usual. Fried fish can be made with hush puppies and fresh coleslaw for a delicious one pot meal that is both simple and filling.

Burgers and Grilled Vegetables

Nothing is more comforting than the classic American meal of burgers and hot dogs. To make your burgers extra special, blend your favorite herbs or cheese into the meat before cooking. You can also grill any vegetable by wrapping it in tin foil to prevent burning. Salt and pepper your vegetables before cooking, or add your favorite seasoning. Fish can also be grilled, but can flake apart if you aren't careful. Brush the grill with a nonstick grilling spray before cooking, or wrap the fish in tin foil with lemon and herbs for a healthy alternative to burgers.

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